Technology Installation Services can provide a wide range of electrical services. We specialise in solutions for the IT industry, employing highly skilled specialised electricians.

Computer Power Circuits / High Integrity Earthing

We carry out the installation of power circuits for customers’ premises where there is a high usage of PCs.

The computer is an item of equipment with high earth leakage currents. Installations for PCs should comply with BS 7671, Section 607 of the IEE Regulations. Section 607 requires circuits with multiple PCs to have High-Integrity Earthing. Our "white paper" – High Integrity Earthing – provides more detailed information.

Computer Server Rooms

Technology Installation Services can provide specialist, made-to-measure floor-standing power distribution panels (PDUs) that are purpose-built for the computer room environment.

Power distribution units (PDUs) are ideal for solving phase balancing problems in computer rooms. Typically, a 3-phase 72-way PDU provides 72 single-phase circuits (24-ways per phase), which in most cases is more than adequate for most modern day server rooms.

A typical PDU is manufactured to customers' purpose design with cable plinth for ease of access, pre-drilled gland plates to make future additional cables easier, DIN rail termination strips pre-wired from each MCB. This provides single MCB isolation to avoid complete isolation of PDU, incoming isolator and shunt trip linked into emergency stop circuit, contact block for linking into fire detection and protection system, phase indication lamps, amp meter, volt meter, KVA meter, KWH meter, lockable front cover with glass viewing panel, sprayed to customers colour scheme.

Power Supplies

We provide power supplies to and from PDUs to meet customers' requirements and loadings

UPS – Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Technology Installation Services supplies a wide range of stand-by-power solutions and mains power filtering products to help protect computer systems and networks.

We have extensive experience in the design and installation of UPS systems. These include rack mounting and free-standing UPS and battery racks that can be provided with a wraparound maintenance bypass system.

UPS systems will protect against power sags, surges, transient and spikes, electrical noise, brownouts, blackouts and mains failures. They provide protection for servers, hubs, routers, switches, PCs, terminals, telephone systems, IP networks such as CCTV, access control, wireless networks and telephony.

Mains Filtering Products

Technology Installation Services can provide a wide range of mains filtering Power Distribution Units.  We can also provide PDUs that can be remotely controlled.


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