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Technology Installation Services installed new voice and data networks as part of a major refurbishment programme in Birmingham city schools with our sister company Dodd Group Midlands Ltd.

Cockshut Hill School was one of several schools being refurbished for Birmingham City Council. The project involved a phased refurbishment of some buildings and the demolition and construction of new facilities. The school was looking for an efficient, long-term solution that ensured comprehensive coverage in all teaching areas, as well as the flexibility to meet future growth and development.

Wherever and whenever possible we are happy to programme our work to suit our clients. We worked closely with the school management team and completed a high percentage of the work during school holidays, with minimum disruption to lessons.

Our solution was a high quality AMP NETCONNECT structured cable network and Cisco layer 3 switches that have been tried and tested by TIS in several schools. The project involved the installation of more than 1,500 category 5e UTP outlets throughout the school and several cabinets, each linked back to a main server with AMP multimode fibre cable and CW1308E cable. This means that voice, data and video can be run over the same cabling. It also means that school staff can easily manage future changes: moving user sockets and changes for voice and data are a simple matter of repatching.

The cabling system is a true end-to-end quality AMP NETCONNECT system of cateogory 5e and fibre-optical cables and components with patch cords, which is guaranteed by the AMP NETCONNECT 25-year performance warranty, covering replacement materials and labour. 

Technology Installation Services has significant experience and expertise in the design and installation of data and voice networks for schools and colleges.

Our experience ranges from new builds and major refurbishment schemes, to standalone infrastructure projects. Our expertise includes the design and installation of  integrated data and voice networks for IT, telephony, audio-visual equipment and security, enabling teachers, staff and students to take full advantage of new technology in all aspects of school life.


Luxury retirement homes across the country have been fitted with Technology Installation Services network systems.

Technology Installation Services worked with Redwood Telecommunications to install AMP-NETCONNECT category 5e voice and data structured cabling in the Sunrise Senior Living developments at Edgbaston, Cardiff, Solihull, Eastbourne and Beaconsfield.

Work at the Sunrise Senior Living sites has included the design and installation of more than 1500 structured cabling points, network cabinets and OM2 fibre optical back bone with category 6 cabling as a resilient backbone.

Technology Installation Services worked closely with Redwood Telecommunications, Wates Construction and the client Sunrise Senior Living to deliver a quality installation with a high quality product.

The installations are covered by the AMP NETCONNECT 25-year component and performance warranty covering parts and labour.


The Mail Box

Technology Installation Services installed the fibre-optical infrastructure for the Mailbox, Birmingham’s premier shopping and lifestyle destination. The Mailbox is the UK’s largest mixed-use building, incorporating retail, leisure, offices and residential in a managed, secure complex. The site is home to exclusive designer stores, restaurants, café bars and hotels, luxury apartments and offices, and provides 24-hour secure parking. Technology Installation Services partnered MET to deliver a fibre-optic backbone consisting of 12-core and 24-core loose tube fibre optical cables, which connect the Mailbox server room to satellite clinics and the new multi-storey Cube development. We selected Brand-Rex products for the scheme. This high quality solution is covered by the Brand Rex 25-year warranty.

Liberty Place

libertyplace-resTechnology Installation Services installed a Hellerman Tyton Home LAN Networking system to 135 luxury apartments at Sheepcote Street in Birmingham. The installation involved the design and installation of data, telephones and TV to every living area within each apartment, cabled back to a smart distribution box linking up BT and active network devices. New homes and apartment blocks are now being fitted out with home cabling systems to take advantage of the expanding range of IT services that are now available to homeowners. The Home cabling smart box links external services, such as broadband, satellite TV, and security monitoring to networked computers, telephones, CCTV, burglar alarms and home entertainment systems.


A contract with British Energy saw Technology Installation Services install 10 kilometers of 24-core single-mode fibre-optical cable a Hinkley Point B Nuclear Power Station in Somerset. The cable was made to order for TIS by Tyco Electronics’ AMP NETCONNECT factory in North Wales.

The single-mode fibre-optical cable was used for external installations, with multi-mode cable for the interior of buildings and structures.

The contract, which was carried out over a three month period, required Technology Installation Services’ engineers to undergo comprehensive health and safety training to meet the power station’s strict policies and procedures.


Technology Installation Services has installed extensive new networks for Epson's offices and manufacturing plants in both the UK and France.

At Telford, where Epson has a large manufacturing plant and call centre, Technology Installation Services installed more than 2000 category 5e and 500 category 6 outlets along with an extensive 24-core fibre-optical cable network linking 12 remote cabinets and two computer rooms.

At Epson UK's marketing offices in Hemel Hempstead, Technology Installation Services stripped out the existing network and installed a new AMP NETCONNECT category 6 network for more than 2000 users. Floor distributors are linked to the main building distributor by 24-core OM2 fibre-optical cable, connected with AMP MTRJ connectors. The network was installed during normal office hours without any loss of network connectivity for staff.

In France, Technology Installation Services replaced an IBM type 1 cable network with an AMP NETCONNECT category 5 cabling solution at Epson's manufacturing plant on the outskirts of Paris.

All the projects completed for Epson are covered by the AMP NETCONNECT 25-year performance warranty.

Technology Installation Services has carried out a number of projects for the car manufacturing industry. Clients include Jaguar, Stadco, Johnson Controls, Denso Manufacturing, Lear Corporation, Comau Estil, Mahle and Britpart.

We have installed AMP NETCONNECT category 5e shielded structured cabling and fibre-optical networks in Stadco plants at Shrewsbury, Liverpool, Powys and Castle Bromwich, Birmingham. Our work for Stadco includes the design and installation of a production monitoring system that uses twisted pair cables to link all machines.

At the Jaguar Cars plant in Castle Bromwich, Technology Installation Services installed extensive fibre-optical cabling to production line controls.

And at Johnson Controls car seat manufacturing plant, we installed an extensive AMP NETCONNECT category 5e UTP/STP structured cabling and fibre-optical infrastructure.

Technology Installation Services is an approved sub-contractors for Mahle filter systems. At Mahle’s Telford plant we installed AMP NETCONNECT category 5e UTP and FTP cabling, fibre optical backbone cabling and the server room UPS system. Other work included the installation of interactive whiteboards and projectors and power.

Britpart is a leading independent wholesaler of parts and accessories for Land Rover and supplies more than 800 customers worldwide, from government bodies to trade outlets.

At their headquarters in Craven Arms, Shropshire, Technology Installation Services carried out a complete, site-wide network upgrade. This included the design and installation of an OM4 multimode fibre optical backbone and HP POE core switches to support a 10Gb core network with built-in disaster recovery and diverse routing. Their new network also provides IP services, including CCTV, telephony and a wireless network.


M6 Norton Canes Toll Service Station

Technology Installation Services installed the Excel category 5e voice and data structured cabling infrastructure for the M6 petrol station, hotel conference centre and catering services at Norton Canes. The installation is covered by the Excel 15-year warranty. The project was part of a £1.1 million engineering services contract carried out by Dodd Group (Midlands) Ltd and Galliford Try Group on behalf of Midland Express / Road Chef.

NFU Mutual Assurance

Technology Installation Services installed more than 500 category 5 outlets at the NFU Mutual Assurance offices in Stratford upon Avon. The work was carried out over a weekend period and involved stripping out the existing Token ring network.


Technology Installation Services installed an extensive category 5e and fibre-optical network for the Cellestica mobile phone manufacturing plant.

Carlsberg Tetley

Technology Installation Services designed and installed an extensive AMP NETCONNECT, fibre-optical and voice backbone system for the Carlsberg Tetley national distribution centre at Swan Valley in Northampton. The scheme includes 500 shielded and enhanced category 5 outlets.

From manufacturing plants and retail outlets to schools, colleges, hospitals, government buildings, even luxury apartments, Technology Installation Services has helped an impressive list of clients take full advantage of the opportunities and benefits of new technology. Our case studies give a flavour of how we could help your business do the same…

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