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After completing a network-cabling scheme for the Thomas Telford Academy, Technical Installation Services was selected to work on four more new city academies sponsored by the Mercers Company of the City of London and the Thomas Telford Academy. The Walsall City Academy, Sandwell Sports & Business City Academy, and, more recently, Madeley City Academy and the new Hammersmith City Academy now all feature state-of-the-art IT, voice and audio-visual networks, providing a richer teaching and learning environment for students and staff.

Madeley City Academy in Telford, reopened its doors in September 2009 with a brand new, state-of the-art building that is fully equipped to aid students and teachers in teaching and learning.

Classrooms are equipped with a display and sound system for teaching, either interactive boards and projectors, or plasma display units, and a bank of computers to aid student learning. There are also five fully equipped ICT suites, and a CAD/CAM Design and Technology.

The building also benefits from a cutting-edge theatre facility for assemblies and presentations, as well as a video-editing suite and recording studio, which the school uses to deliver video broadcasts to staff and students.

Student safety is guaranteed with approximately 100 CCTV cameras throughout the facility to monitor the site, corridors and student cloakrooms.

The project was completed in 2009 and featured the design and installation of an AMP NETCONNECT structured cabling solution, which included Category 6 class e cabling. The complete scheme included:

  • UTP horizontal cabling, OM3 12-core diverse routed fibre-optical back bone cabling, and OM2 8core fibre-optical cabling for external CCTV; 
  • Rittal TS8 server and communications cabinets; 
  • KBC fibre optical transmitters and receivers for CCTV video data,
  • Installation of 40 80-inch smart boards and NEC projectors with Unicol suspension kits, and Nuvo sound systems to each white board;
  • Installation of Scion audio-visual control system to enable AV systems to run over category 6 cables.

Technical Installation Services was responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of a similar scheme for the new Hammersmith City Academy building which was completed for the new 2011/12 shool year.

The installation is an end-to-end AMP NETCONNECT solution, featuring category 6 horizontal and OM3 fibre optical backbone cabling, along with audiovisual and TV cabling, overhead projectors and smart interactive whiteboards, Samsung interactive plasma screens, external fibre optical CCTV cables, and IFS fibre optical to RS 485 interface modules for video, data and redwall.

AMP NETCONNECT has continued to be our leading supplier of infrastructure cabling solutions for these very highly specified projects. This is down to the quality and reliability of their products, which are covered by a 25-year performance warranty for materials and labour.


Technology Installation Services has carried out a number of schemes for Shropshire County Council designed to improve the visitor experience at local libraries and museums.

At the refurbished Oswestry Library, Technology Installation Services installed new audio-visual systems and an AMP NETCONNECT category 6 structured cabling infrastructure.

ludlowmuseumAt Ludlow's new Library and Museum, Technology Installation Services designed and installed a new AMP NETCONNECT structured cabling system. The scheme included fibre-optical backbone cabling and the integration of telecommunications systems into the network along with more than 200 category 5 outlets for voice and data.

And at the refurbished Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre and library in Craven Arms, Technology Installation Services installed an AMP NETCONNECT category 6e structured network.

Technology Installation Services has carried out a number of installations for health facilities, including the Guildford Clinic in Surrey (now part of the Nuffield Health Guildford Hospital) and the Garret Anderson Centre at Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust.

The Guildford Clinic was designed as a patient-centred day hospital, equipped with theatres, x-ray suite and laboratories. TIS Ltd installed AMP NETCONNECT category 6 UTP structured cabling and more than 500 AMP NETCONNECT category 6 class E UTP ports to provide a high quality professional network infrastructure ideally suited to a hospital environment.

The Garret Anderson Centre houses Ipswich Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department and Critical Care Department, as well as short-stay surgery wards and operating theatres. Technology Installation Services designed and installed the hospital's new general hospital and critical care networks, which involved an AMP NETCONNECT category 6 structured cabling network for voice and data.

The design includes OS1 single mode and 0M1 multimode fibre-optical backbone cabling routing back to the main hospital network computer, a voice multicore backbone, and around 1200 category 6 UTP points for voice data and wireless networking. Cables run to network cabinets located on four floors. Each cabinet has security and environmental control devices networked back to the main computer room.

Both installations are covered by the AMP NETCONNECT 25-year performance warranty.


Technology Installation Services has provided network design and installation services for a number of Ministry of Defence sites, including RAF Lakenheath, RAF Marham, RAF Mildenhall, MOD Croughton, MOD Donnington, MOD Bicester, MOD Creden Hill, and Thompson Marconi Sonar Ltd in Lancashire.

At RAF Lakenheath, USAF base in Suffolk, we installed an extensive AMP NETCONNECT category 5e cable and fibre-optical backbone with voice integration for the base medical centre, annex and dental suite. This work formed part of a £9.4 million contract for mechanical, electrical and IT network services with our sister company Dodd Group (Eastern) on behalf of Kier Construction and Babtie Allott & Lomax.

Technology Installation Services also installed an extensive AMP NETCONNECT category 5e and fibre-optic network at RAF Marham in Norfolk and has carried out work for a number of other bases.

Technology Installation Services have carried out the installation of extensive AMP NETCONNECT category 5e cabling, fibre optical backbone and voice integration for the AYA and CDC buildings at RAF Marham in Norfolk.

AMP NETCONNECT cabling solutions have been used on all projects to provide high quality, long-term and trouble-free installations covered by AMP NETCONNECT's comprehensive warranty.


Salisbury Law Courts

With its limited space for IT infrastructure, the new Salisbury Law Courts is a good example of how Technology Installation Services can fit a fully operational system into even the tightest corners.

Technology Installation Services worked with sister company Dodd Group (Midlands) Ltd on the design and installation of mechanical, electrical and IT infrastructure services for the new Salisbury Law Courts. The building was designed with limited space for IT infrastructure cabinets. Even so, Technology Installation Services was able to install more than 1200 AMP NETCONNECT category 6e UTP outlets, using AMP NETCONNECT'S unique SL connectors to make maximum use of the limited space in compact cabinets. The SL connector provides a fully modular solution, making termination in compact cabinets easier.

West Bromwich Bus Station

Technology Installation Services installed the voice and data structured cabling system for the new West Bromwich Centro Bus Station. The scheme covers a two-storey building housing office space, retail food outlet, staff canteen, public conveniences and bus shelters. The project was part of a £650,000 mechanical and engineering contract carried out by the Dodd Group (Midlands) Ltd in partnership with Ballast Construction.


Technology Installation Services has designed and installed new network infrastructure in several schools for Norfolk County Council. One of these is Wymondham High School where the project included the installation of computer suites for all teaching areas and the creation of cyber cafes.

TIS installed AMP NETCONNECT category 5e and fibre optic cabling for a new 1000 mbps network along with active equipment, telephone systems and wireless devices. Cabinets were also installed or upgraded to handle the additional requirements.

Each cabinet is linked via AMP OM2 multimode fibre optic cabling.

The backbone core is driven by the MRV OptiSwitch 800 range of network switches running 1000mbps full duplex over the backbone to Dynamode 10/100/1000 mbps edge switches. Buffalo's powerful 11/54 AirStations provide wireless connectivity, allowing  sixth-form pupils to download their teaching plans and access the internet via laptops and PDAs.

Additional network points require more power. Technology Installation Services also upgraded  the containment infrastructure, installing three compartment dado trunkings in computer suites, and 13amp power that complies with 607 high integrity earthing requirements.

Technology Installation Services provided the school with compete documentation to help them manage their new network. The documentation pack included the level 3 and OTDR test results, cabinet schematics, CAD drawings, AMP literature and a 25-year AMP NETCONNECT performance warranty certificate.


William Brookes School & Sixth-form College is a new state-of-the-art building, which also includes a sports centre and swimming pool.

Technology Installation Services designed, installed and commissioned the new AMP NETCONNECT category 6e UTP/LSF infrastructure and two fibre-optical cables that link the main server room to two satellite communications rooms.

Fifteen hundred AMP category six UTP ports were installed for voice, data, TV, wifi and the building management systems.

The infrastructure is backed up by eight category 6 cables.

The project is covered by the AMP NETCONNECT 25-year performance warranty.


Technology Installation Services installed an AMP NETCONNECT category 6 UTP scheme for Staffordshire University's Octagon Building.

The project included stripping out the existing category 3 infrastructure in the learning centre and lecture theatres. This was replaced with category 6 cabling in the learning centre and with category 5e cabling in lecture theatres, allowing the existing containment infrastructure to be used.

More than 700 network points were installed from four cabinet locations along with new 0M3 multi-mode fibre-optical cable.

The installation was carried out during the university's summer holiday period.

AMP NETCONNECT installations are covered by a 25-year system warranty.


Technology Installation Services has carried out IT infrastructure work for a number of independent schools, including Shrewsbury School, one of the oldest established private schools in the UK.

The work was carried out during 2011 and involved the design, installation and commissioning of category 6 UTP networks for the girls' boarding house, science laboratories and Arlington Hall.

For the girls' boarding house, Technology Installation Services installed Excel category 6e UTP cable infrastructure to support voice, data, wifi and TV linked to a single local building distributor. The boarding house is connected to the school's main computer centre server by 16-core OM3 fibre-optical cable.

The school's two science laboratories were stripped out and refurbished and Technology Installation Services designed, installed an Excel category 6e UTP network that is fitted into purpose-built high-tech bench furniture.

In Arlington Hall, the school reception area, headmaster's office and conference room were stripped out and a new Excel category 6 UTP cable infrastructure was installed connected to a new local cabinet.


Shrewsbury’s Monkmoor Education Campus is the first of its kind in the UK. The development incorporates Severndale Specialist School and the Wilfred Owen primary school, as well as offices and facilities for a number of the county’s education, social care and health services.

The project was carried out on behalf of Shropshire County Council and involved the installation of AMP NETCONNECT category 6 structured cabling, five Prism 800×1000 PI server racks, and several 800×800 F1 data racks.

A thousand category 6 UTP ports, eight core 0M3 fibre optic and 100 pairs of voice multi-core cables link each remote floor distributor back to the main server room, bringing together the separate LAN, WAN, wifi and voice networks for the schools and the offices of the Shropshire County Council and Shropshire County Primary Care Trust teams.

The project was completed in December 2008 and the network is covered by the AMP NETCONNECT 25-year system warranty covering components and labour.

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